Far greater than the sum of its parts, this tribe of two is on a mission to push the envelope of creativity and break down the limitations of imagination by combining  diverse mediums of art, design, and technology.


D O N 

the H M F C

Don Whigan is an award-winning videographer and photojournalist from San Diego, California.  He currently operates out of central Japan as a partner, editor, and head of videography at Japan Daily.  

His creative history, professional experience, and benign stubbornness to see projects through, can also be attributed to his administrative days in Chicago and Washington D. C.

As the de facto HMFC, he is an unmitigated torrent of intensity and the main power source that drives the team.  After 8 years of digital media production, brand development, and senior-level management, he decided to join forces with Bryan to form the creative problem solving super team that would become theBNGRZ



the L G D

Bryan Garlejo is the lead graphics designer and the infinitely more responsible half of the dynamic duo.  Also hailing from San Diego, he uses the powers of god and anime to manipulate colors and pixels to his whim.  As the new kid on the block, he brings fresh new ideas, alternative solutions, and enthusiasm to the table.

Bryan’s attention to detail is a sharp contrast to his counterpart’s usual method of steamrolling through the day with unbridled force.  

Compassionate, colorful, and calculated, he is everything that Don is not and his capacity for creativity is only limited by his imagination and the amount of iced coffee in his cup.